Streamline your tender production

February 10, 2019

“The Big Red Dog team have built us a tender submission system that is flexible for all our requirements, whether we are bidding for a small $1-2m project, or submitting larger bids of $20-30m. Their input, knowledge of our business, collaboration and production expertise has been vital in us securing large ongoing contracts with Invocare and Aldi.”

Peter Berg, Prime Build

Let us manage your Tender Submissions, Proposals and Expressions of Interest.

Quality projects and services begin with the tender

We take care to keep you branding intact and rock solid, even in the biggest and most corporate of tender documents. Tender documents are seen and reviewed by you valuable clients. Allow your companies brand investment carry the message of commitment to quality. Cum sociis natoque penatibus et magnis dis parturient montes, nascetur ridiculus mus.

Comprehensive, readable, reusable. Branded

Large tenders are reviewed by humans, not computers. We fuss over sections, numbering, detail, and the ability to reuse certain sections, so you don’t have to reinvent the wheel with each tender. Clients will process the information more easily and readily with our commitment to  your document.

Get ahead of your competitors

A tender document that stands out in message and appeal is one that is quickly reached for. While your competitors cobble together documents with impractical tools, let us apply our years of communication expertise to give your tender document its best chance.

Spend your time efficiently

You focus on creating the right content, we’ll get it looking good. Why spend hours battling with Microsoft Word? Make good decisions on reusable content once, not each time you prepare a document. Focus on content that is specific to a proposal, and resist the urge to constantly edit everything else.

Why Tenderize

Speed and efficiency

We have designed a master system that allows us to quickly pull together large documents that are on message, accurate and consistent, irrespective of document length.

One entry system

All content is entered once, and automatically updates to all of your documents.

Layout specialists

Our team members are layout specialists who know how to neatly organise even the most average looking content.


Modern communication demands more than words and tables. The combination of a good art director and a designer allows us to take detailed information and simplify it into meaningful content.

Cross sector experience

We bring a variety of experience from all different sectors. Utilising those ideas brings a different perspective and can communicate in a fresh way.

Technical ability

Need difficult file formats converted? Or a PDF submitted at a certain size without loss of image quality? We can handle most technical challenges.

Think outside the square

Creatives will always think a little differently; a robust discussion with technical people can produce great results.


Tendering for work is high pressure activity. Our experienced team will share the load with you throughout the process.