Concussion is the number one issue facing world sport.
  • Year: 2022
  • Industry: Sport
  • Expertise: Brand, Digital, Strategy

In collaboration with US-based brain health company Brainscope and several world renowned medical research institutions, SPARK is dedicated to using leading medical research and innovation to develop the new global standard for concussion care.


World-first concussion technology

SPARK technology acquires brain electrical activity via a headset, from which it can identify distinct profiles of traumatic brain injury, including concussion. Our team has developed brand strategy and creative for this technology as relevant stakeholders have come on board during startup and investment phases. Stakeholders include investors, medical experts and sports industry professionals.

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Development of detailed collateral has been critical in connecting multiple companies and institutions in Australia and the US. Central to this effort has been a commercially-driven document for investors.


The third round of trials is currently underway in the Adelaide Football League.