Big Shed Limited Edition

Drop in for a pint and pick up some limited editions on the way out.
  • Year: 2023
  • Industry: Food & Wine
  • Expertise: Brand, Packaging

In late 2022 Big Red Dog were engaged to redesign a run of limited edition beers. Our goal was to produce designs that could be built on into the future, bringing these beers into line with the original core range developed by Big Red Dog in 2015-2017.

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By the people, for the people

Big Shed is a loved beer brand located in the western suburbs of Adelaide. The crew at Big Shed, led by Jason Harris and Craig Basford, have built the brand on being honest, authentic and local. As a team they’ve produced a string of great beers for both their core range and their limited edition range.

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A well named viscous nectar of the gods. We think Clarice approves.

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People’s Brew carries on a tradition of a beer first brewed in 2016. It was satisfying seeing the original artwork come to life on a can 8 years later.

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Created for the GABS festival, Quantum Gravity distills the essence of a classic West Coast IPA, a brew reminiscent of early Big Shed beers – rich and complex. Artwork designed to pop.

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At Big Shed’s tenth birthday bash, Craig and Jase hosting Mike and Katie from Sauce Brewing. After a few rounds of beers, they enthusiastically agreed that collaborating on a brew together was a splendid idea.

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