Good for Nothing

Inspired brand messaging to galvanise a charity’s contributors
  • Year: 2019
  • Industry: Social
  • Expertise: Brand, Digital, Print

Good for Nothing seek to engage parts of society that are disaffected with aspects of modern religion. A key focus of the brand is to flip the new name and reinforce the idea that altruism within the local community is a critical part of a healthy society and that we can all do some good, for nothing.

GoodforNothing_3UP-MEDIA-BLOCK_Small_Horiz_1200x800_A copy

In seeking to engage a younger audience we have developed three icons that correlate to the name. Careful and consistent use across the brand allow quick and easy brand association.

GoodforNothing_IMAGE-BANNER-BLOCK_ONE-ROW_2420x1850 copy

Modern digital experience

The main objective of the new website for Good for nothing was to allow a place for events, articles and the opportunity for newcomers to register their interest in becoming a Do-Gooder, a term we dreamed up to label the volunteers supporting Good for Nothing. This name helps build a platform for cultural growth, a sense of communal belonging and a great marketing tool for recognition in the community at local events where good things are taking place.


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